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CORLA provides practical solutions to reach and cultivate a more nationally representative generation of global leaders and professionals who will advance U.S. interests and priorities abroad.

Our approach includes early professional exposure, direct engagement with industry leaders and experts, curriculum enhancement, and career development.

CORLA continues to mobilize Thought Leaders and industry experts to enrich our renowned speaker series, expand our network of academic institutions, develop unique global curricula, and deliver global career mapping services to students nationwide. 


CORLA Speaker Series

CORLA connects global industry experts to students who are underrepresented in international business and foreign policy. We partner with academic institutions to facilitate meeting and exchange of ideas between students and some of America’s brightest minds in global affairs and policy making. CORLA’s thought leaders engage students by sharing their advice on global career trajectories while exploring the most relevant topics in international affairs.

Global Career Mapping


Our experts cultivate young professionals as CORLA Scholars through career exploration, development, and field opportunities. We connect students with partnered organizations seeking inquisitive young professionals to build global acumen and professional leadership skills. The goal of the GCM program is to promote the establishment of sustainable career pipelines.

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Global Curriculum Enhancement

CORLA works with collegiate educators seeking to enhance their existing courses with a globalized curriculum that is relevant to today’s global workforce. Special attention is given to topics of socio-cultural relevancy and career-pipeline applicability.


University of Baltimore students share their feedback after engaging with CORLA Advisor and Thought Leader, Dan Runde, on current events in international affairs and global career opportunities in Washington, D.C. and beyond.


Mr. Runde's discussion helped me to realize just how important the United State's role is on the global stage.  I learned so much!

Student 1, Freshman

I thought the State Department was the only path to a foreign policy career. I have so much more research to do now.

Student 2. Postgraduate

I never considered another language because as a Latino, I'm fluent in Spanish. Now I think I may need to start learning Chinese.

Student 3. Postgraduate

I never heard of a think tank before today, I would like to be part of a community that comes up with ways to keep our country safe.

Student 4. Postgraduate

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