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The Council on Representative Leadership Abroad (CORLA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, and solutions-based membership organization dedicated to strengthening America’s position abroad through representative leadership in international business and foreign policy. We partner with academic institutions that share our values and resolve to advance and promote student engagement and inquiry into international business and foreign policy by connecting them to industry expertise and resources.   


Guiding Principles


A more nationally representative global leadership workforce will make the United States more competitive abroad.


America’s next generation of global leaders must be developed as patriots to strengthen the country’s standing around the world and further its interests.


Student engagement with global industry experts inspires career pursuit in leadership roles within America's international businesses and foreign policy organizations. 

America's global professionals must reflect the country 

A series of global trends and threats make it necessary for the United States to leverage the totality of its national talent to compete in this new age, lest the country fall behind its adversaries and competitors on the world stage. Global industry experts must engage students across the United States to become the next generation of global leadership professionals in international business and foreign policy.

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The need for global career pipelines

Accessibility is key to sustaining global career pipelines. Our council members form a united coalition of current and former U.S. Ambassadors, diplomats, federal agency executives, think tank leaders, and global business professionals who are committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise with students.

“I knew majoring in Policy, Politics and International Affairs was the right decision, but I still didn’t know how to actually break into the field until today…”

Student attendee at CORLA speaker series

Not only are students able to engage with the most brilliant minds in foreign policy and international business, but have also benefited from CORLA’s supporting programs, designed to strengthen global career trajectories via accessibility to career mapping services and internship opportunities (see below).

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Our Programs

Auditorium Audience


Speaker Series

Connects industry experts and CORLA Thought Leaders to student groups (future global leaders).


Global Career Mapping

Connects students and young professionals to CORLA global career development programs and internship opportunities.


Curriculum Enhancement

Connect CORLA Thought Leaders and academic administratives to develop global curricula integrating international topics.

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