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Strengthening America’s
position abroad through
representative leadership in
international business
and foreign policy.


Who We Are

We are a solutions-based membership organization dedicated to ensuring the next generation of U.S. global leaders broadly reflect the nation’s populace and intellectual perspectives.  We partner with foreign policy professionals, global business leaders, and academic institutions to inspire and connect students to global industry expertise and career mapping resources. 

Once you can see it, you will know that you can BECOME it!

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations

We connect aspiring students to global industry leaders via our speaker series program. CORLA works with partnered academic institutions to make it easy for global industry leaders to give back to America’s next generation of foreign policy/business professionals by sharing their knowledge, career advice, and expertise. 

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Featured Article

America’s Foreign Policy And National Security Will Be Stronger If Our Professionals Reflect The Totality Of Our Society
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